Sunday 4 January 2015

Learn Krav Maga

I'm a powerful weapon.

I haven't always been but I am now

Three years ago I went to my first Krav Maga class. Self defence was something I had been considering for a number of years but I had always put it off and not proceeded with my calling.

I spent some time researching which martial art/self defence program to pursue and having done some research found that Krav was the one. It was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in Hungary in the 1930s to combat a growing Nazi movement and after the war Imi moved to Israel on its formation and was requested to instruct the Israeli Defence Force in hand to hand combat - literally the translation of Krav Maga.

Back to my class three ish years ago. The first time for anything is always difficult and it was with Krav Maga. There is fitness involved - how can you fight an aggressor if you are not fit? - and that first few classes I ached in parts that had never ached before but within a short amount of time fitness levels improved, my body changed (a stone lost but others who have trained have lost over 3 stones), bruising subsided etc. And now I look back and see it has been life changing. I've met some life friends, my fitness is very high, and I can walk in peace - a motto for Krav Maga. But I can also face an attack by hand, knife or gun. I can take a situation where I have to defend myself and batter someone and escape to safety. Well I think I can and I am sure the pressure drills in class will mean if, and hopefully this won't happen, I am attacked I would react with bells on.

I would highly recommend it to friends, relatives, strangers as something that will improve their life and awareness of their surroundings. It will also help combat obesity, diabetes, other illnesses both physical and mental plus you will meet some crazy like minded people. It's especially powerful for women and I have seen the transformation within a short time of women who have been and learnt some new skills and the confidence this has brought to them.

If you do one thing this year in 2015 then go and learn a new skill and if you have considered your own personal security then I recommend you learn Krav Maga!

Thursday 1 January 2015

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